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What days of the week work best for you raiding? (Standard Raid start time) Winner: "Monday" 4 weeks, 917 days ago

Welcome to <Is Awesome>!!!  We are a guild that has started progressing through the beginning Vanilla raids.  We are lead by Pronator and Lachmayne.  Many of our officers have had much end game raiding experience including farm status on all Vanilla raids and half of Naxx.  The officers in this guild have also had experience raid/guild leading in Wrath and Cataclysm.  If you like what you see, feel free to browse the website or drop a PM to any of the guildies in game.  Also, feel free to apply on this website.  Here at <Is Awesome> we cultivate a friendly culture in everything we do.  Hope you enjoy!!!



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This Guild is being ressurected on a different realm

lachmayne, Apr 28, 15 6:40 PM.

Due to lack of players on Feenix <is Awesome> was disbanded.  A couple of their Officers are now on Nostalrius on Alliance Side.

Finals Schedule and Raiding

Brakial, May 2, 13 8:05 PM.
So the past week our attendance has been a little lacking.  From what I have been told, we have quite a few raiders who are currently finishing up their finals or getting ready for them.  Don't get discouraged if we are not able to get our normal progressed fights/raids down due to this.  That is just one of those things that happens.  In the future, if you know you are going to be out if you could make a quick post about it in the forums that would be helpful.

Blackwing Lair Follow-Up

Brakial, Apr 18, 13 2:38 AM.
Full cleared BWL tonight!!  We wiped on Chromag below 20%.  Had Lachmayne not able to make the entire raid and Cryten was offline (Internet issues) for over an hour.  Still did very well considering.  Went into Nefarion and one shot him as well, very smooth kill for our 2nd time.  Plus 5 DKP awarded to everyone for full clear in one night.  Grats to Emberlight on the healing trinket tonight!

Blackwing Lair Follow-Up

Brakial, Apr 16, 13 8:07 PM.
Tonight we went into BWL with 39 guildies.  We got to Chromag and easily one shot him.  Moved onto Nefarion to get some more looks at him.  Our first few attempts we got through phase 1 no problem but had a few issues with the transition to phase 2.  Then, we continued to progress and got him to 50% before wiping.  Next attempt, we pushed him into phase 3, but didn't have the AOE taunting and AOE'n set up properly (Wipe at 19%).  Next attempt, we had perfection all around.  No deaths until phase 3, where we only had a very few amount.  Adds died very fast.  Next, Nefarion died!  Couldn't ask for a more perfect first kill!  Great job everyone!!  Everyone start putting together some nature resist gear for AQ40!!!

Nefarion is DEADDD!!!!!! Is Awesome is 8/8 in BWL!!!

Brakial, Apr 16, 13 1:16 AM.

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